4 Kas 2011

Gole Yakh; Ice Flower

the sadness has made a nest in your beautiful eyes (it's always there)
the night has made a home in your black hair
your two black eyes are like my nights
the blackness of your two eyes is like my sadness
when the spite comes down of my eyelashes, it becomes a rain
the sadnesses like a flood has ruined my improvments
when u stay with me
the wind takes my lonlyness
my two eyes has rained in the night
the spring few out of my hands
the ice flower is grown in my heart
i'm too alone in my room
O' the one who has blossomed in this age
how can i sing? my youth has gone
and my voice has gone (i have no more the youth and the voice to sing)
the ice flower is grown in my heart

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