Ekim 04, 2015

Aşık Olunca Gözbebeği.

Gördüğüm en muhteşem gif olabilir bu. Ad da koydum; "aşık olunca gözbebeği"
Biliyorum. Bunların birindesin.

3 yorum:

D. dedi ki...

I have read thousands of books
I have seen thousands of paintings and looks
I have heard so many music to find the way of serenity
And I have look everywhere for the beauty
But how could I imagine that there was something more
Something so evident that there’s no need to explore
Peace and quiet invaded my soul in some sort of pleasure
Because in this world, only your Soul is my biggest treasure.

I believed I could find The Star and let it behind me but... I can't Z.
There's a kind of attraction.


Zeynep M. dedi ki...


What a great phrase.

and perfect video. :)

Ruhsuz Atmaca dedi ki...

Enteresan :)